Bringing organic products
to the world market

because we know organic products can make a real difference for your body and health

Puro trade is a trading company based in Europe, which focuses on organic products. Words like “BIO”, “EKO” or “ORGANIC” are popular nowadays. We believe, that living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is not just a short-term trend, but the way how people want to live in the next decades.

We had an idea. What if helping people to live better wouldn’t be that hard?

We know why

To be healthy shouldn’t be a matter of region you are from. We are here to hunt, research, and discover all the small producers and companies hidden from the world market by big corporations.

We are bringing the best local products with visible and declared positive health effects and offering it to market worldwide.

Puro Trade start

We know how

We strive to rid the world of a wide range of health problems by a fully organic way considering nature as the most powerful tool for healing. Moreover, we take into account also the environmental aspect of the production.

We distribute goods that come from sustainable manufacturing and from companies which reduce the environmental impact of the production to the lowest possible level.

We have a vision

We believe, that every little help in the context of health condition counts.

We are here to spread what is useful and beneficial for people’s well-being and help them to fully enjoy their life. Likewise, we are building a connection between small local companies which understand and patronize nature and people who are trying to find a different cure for various types of problems. We are not here to replace medicine, but to share what remedy other people who suffered from the very same health problems.

doing it together

Our Partners


Worldwide online store with the biggest selection of goods.

Benu pharmacy

Benu is Europe’s largest pharmacy network.

Dr. Max

Is a leading pharmacy brand in Slovak republic with online and offline stores.


Huge pharmaceutical warehousing and distribution company.


See what's cooking at our labs

Solvin products


Solivin is a product that treats skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. It has a unique organic formula based on hand-picked herbs from Siberia, which was specially developed by scientific research.

The main ingredients like honey, Bidens Tripartite or Lavender oil have anti-inflammatory effects. They also eliminate itching and heal the skin. This product doesn’t cause any side effects and its packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly.

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DRIVEN BY vision of better world.

What makes us tick

Market infiltration

To get a product to the new market and make this penetration successful can be a long run goal. We understand customers on their local level, know what they are missing and making an emotional connection with them.


Spreading a product is not just about sharing why is it unique. We create a whole new identity of a product but leaving the history of developing a company. We believe that a trademark needs to have a spectacular and memorable design but also a story behind the product.


The products we work with are made from the first-rate ingredients and has the best possible quality. Before we share it on the market worldwide, we have to make sure that the product meets all the local and international requirements and has all the necessary certifications.


Strategy matters. But the face of the brand matters even more. We are constantly working on enhancing the connection between a brand and a potential audience. It includes everything from the used color palette and typography up to creating a brand experience.


To search for small local products that have proven benefits is, in one hand, the key to success. In the other hand, it’s the hardest part of our job. But this challenging job is worth of effort after seeing all the positive reviews we get on our products.


We believe that the highest function of ecology is the understanding of the consequences of our behavior. To live a sustainable life doesn’t need to be a hard thing to do. Life is all about choices and we chose to share products, which knows how to respect nature.

lets work together

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.